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Why would you retain Steve Gray as your certified financial planner or investment advisor instead of a major national financial services firm?

This is the question that most prospective clients have in the back of their mind, even if they don't ask it- and it deserves to be addressed.

As a Certified Financial Planner, I have completed a six- part exam series over a period of three years which include exams on: (1) investments, (2) tax planning, (3) retirement planning, (4) estate planning, and (5) life insurance and risk management. In addition, I have over 20 years of investment experience in dealing with both good and bad market environments.
Independent Investment Advice

Major firms push their own mutual funds and investment products because their representatives get paid a commission to sell these products. As an independent Certified Financial Planner, I am free to recommend the mutual funds and stocks that I detect are the most suitable for each client.
Quality Personal Attention

I'm here in The Woodlands to meet with you any time and discuss your financial situation at length in a relaxed atmosphere.
One- Stop Financial Advice

As a CPA, I work with clients to integrate tax planning with investment planning to maximize after tax returns.

Stephen Gray CFP

Providing independent & comprehensive fee based financial planning and asset management

Stephen Gray, CFP
Certified Financial Planner
Registered Investment Advisor

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